LG's Lean Muscle Stack

Looking to build strong lean body that powers through workouts and works as an efficient muscle building machine? Then the Lean Muscle Stack put together by The Project Kuwaits, Head Coach Liam Glynn is perfect for you; 1. Forza Pro Protein, with 30g protein, 3g carbs and 2g fat available in delicious Mint Chocolate, Chocolate or Vanilla flavours. Perfect alone or in your favourite shake 2. Natures EFA , one of the most potent Omega Sources available on the market, these will help your body efficiently burn the right kinds of fats, keep joints fluid and healthy as well as boost your immune system for an effective fat burning machine body. 3. Stance BCAA's, a great tasting amino acid blend in 4 flavours that will help you recover ready to smash your next workout 4. Vasacor, not for the faint of heart our Vasacor pre workout is engineered for EXTREME training intensity an dis packed with CarnoSyn, Kre-Alyalyn and GlycoCam for a true multiphase formula that will make sure you're killing your workouts every time. Shop All4 products in the bundle and save. Click individual products below for more information