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Let’s talk breastfeeding, training and supplements!

Let’s talk breastfeeding, training and supplements!

If you didn’t know, I recently had my second baby. I breastfed my first for over two years and currently breastfeeding my second daughter. Just a quick disclaimer that I hold no judgement towards how a mother feeds her baby! But there are many misconceptions and unclear information regarding the effects of training and sport supplements to a breastfeeding mama. I did a Q&A with my Instagram followers on the subject.

So I’m here to give you all the details!


There are not enough studies done on breastfeeding in relation to a mom who trains and takes supplements, or is a competitive athlete (such as myself). When I had my first daughter, I based the decisions I made off of the little research I found and from the experiences of other mothers that I read online. So everything you’ll read below is from my own personal experience. I highly recommend discussing with your doctor before introducing something to your diet that you are not sure about.


Haya Alsharhan | Nutrishop Kuwait | Breastfeeding & Training Advice for new mums  

Q: I changed my diet to have less carbs and less fat and started exercising. My baby gets fussy so I started taking tablets to increase my milk supply. What am I doing wrong?

A: A healthy diet should be a balanced diet. I’m not a fan of high carb or low carb, high fat or low fat diets. It should be a good balance of protein, carbs and fat. With breastfeeding, your calories should be enough to maintain your supply and give you energy for the day. I suggest eating a good amount of clean and healthy good and continue exercising. The weight you gained during pregnancy will slowly come off. If breastfeeding is important to you, it’s not worth it to go on extreme diets right now.


Q: Can I take BCAA while breastfeeding?

A: I didn’t start taking BCAA until after my baby started eating solids (around 6 months) because then she was feeding less than the newborn stage and I just felt more comfortable waiting. There is not study to support this, I just went with what felt right to me. Make sure to choose a brand that has the least number of ingredients and has no caffeine. I have always felt confident taking half a scoop of NLA for Her Her Aminos with my water for during my training.


Q: Can I take protein powder while breastfeeding?

A: I continued taking protein powder during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Make sure to choose a brand that doesn’t have too many additives. I suggest taking a whey protein or a vegan protein brand. My personal favorite is NLA for Her Her Whey protein powder. When taking a protein supplement, just check how your baby reacts to it (extra gassy, change in color of stools, any other allergic reactions).


Q: Will exercise decrease my milk supply?

A: Exercise will not affect your milk supply. What will affect are your hydration and nutrition. Hydration is extremely important! But also, breastfeeding is based off of supply and demand…meaning the more you breastfeed, the more your body will produce milk for your baby.